Sunday, 6 July 2008

Kaleidoscope Man - What Dreams Are Made Of....

It’s funny, but since I was about 15 I’ve been planning “the big one”, the sci-fi movie to end all movies and over the years, I’ve been bouncing ideas around my skull. A kind of ‘War of the Worlds’ thing, big epic, thrilling, etc, but because I’ve painted this enormous picture on a Cecil B. DeMille scale, I’ve been too scared to tackle it. I tried writing it once, but it just seemed so gargantuan that whatever words were on the page, it just wasn’t right.

So the idea for Kaleidoscope Man came as a sort of second hand substitute for not being able to face ‘the big one’. Initially, I had three ideas for this, my next movie:

  1. A story set in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
  2. A woman gets revenge on the man who raped her mother when she was a child.
  3. A man who wakes from one dream only to find himself in another dream, and so on.

I knew each of these ideas had something, but they were all to short for a feature film. I decided to blend them all together into a sort of anthology. But it was difficult, because they were all so different.

I’d also just done this ‘sort your life out’ course, called the Land Mark Forum, which had an incredible impact on me, and I wanted to incorporate some of the positive messages I’d picked up from the course, into the story.

I tend to do a lot of my brain storming in the bath. I just mull things over and usually ideas pop up. (I actually came up with my first film Written in Blood whilst lounging in a steaming tub!). I spent many hours soaking and thinking about how to combine each of these ideas.

But it was one hot summers afternoon, when Foot & Mouth was rampant in the British Countryside, that the idea hit me: ALIENS! THEY WERE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS! It struck me like a blast from God, and it felt monumental. From that moment on, these simple ideas became the first draft for Kaleidoscope Man.

Many drafts followed, which I tested on friends and family. During one family holiday to Majorca I read it aloud to my two brother-in-laws, Rob and Jeff, I continually picked their brains on the smallest details of the story. This went on for two weeks, driving them both insane. For me however, it was a fascinating insight into how the rest of the world would feel about the story. And it worked – I just knew it!

After about three years, I met a fellow Writer/Director Simon Bovey, who did a re-write. He ironed out any issues and did a dialogue polish. It’s now a sensational script with more twists, turns and emotion than I could ever have imagined. I really do believe it will move, touch, thrill and inspire the audience, leaving them with the feeling that life really is great, and with that wonderful thing we all thrive on. Hope.

What started as a substitute for ‘the big one’ has now become ‘the big one’. And for me it just proves yet again that life has an interesting way of dealing your cards.

I just so hope that the money to make it will come soon.