Sunday, 31 August 2008

Finding Funding, My Plans and the Law...

Well great news, the Business Plan is now complete which means we now have the legal tool to go out and raise money to get Kaleidoscope Man in production.

As I mentioned in my last blog video, when I made my first film, Written in Blood, it was a case of finding the funding within the UK Film Industry. This time around I need to find private Investors to fund the film which is a totally different ball game. The law is very heavily structured to protect Investors, so we have to be very careful as to how we approach potential backers. And not being able to advertise publicly makes the process very complicated.

But I've got this far and I will find a way. We only need to raise £1.8 million and this will release a further £500K from Screen WM, which will mean we can get the cameras rolling.

One of the things I do want to do though is to be honest about the entire process. I know a lot of film makers are now looking at my blog, and we all find funding the hardest part of the process, so I''ll be straight with you about where I get it right and where I get it wrong, and hopefully, we can all learn from my mistakes.

By the way, if anyone has any ideas or experiences about raising funds, do please contact me, or comment on the blog. I really have never done this before and I'm certainly willing to learn from others myself.

Many thanks.