Thursday, 23 July 2009

Charles Dickens's England - World Premier

Last night was the world premier of the film I edited and shot 2nd Unit on, Charles Dickens's England. It was screened at the NFT on the London Southbank, on the biggest screen I have ever seen - and it looked sensational!!!

I can't begin to explain the marvellous sensation of seeing something that you have spent months shooting, editing and crafting into shape, up there in glorious high definition on the big screen.
I so want to get Kaleidoscope Man made and in front of an audience. The experience of seeing my work like this makes all the pain and suffering worthwhile! This has been a shot in the arm for me and now I am driven to get K-Man off the page and onto the screen.

Please do go and see Charles Dickens's England on the big screen if you get a chance. It's not Die Hard, but its a good little documentary about a truly "great" Britain.