Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back in Corporate Land

I'm in the US at the moment working on a new corporate video. It's a 2 week job which is paying nicely.

The tourist video I mentioned a few weeks back is nearly shot and I should have it ready by the end of October. It is turning out much bigger and better than I expected and I am really enjoying the process of creating something like this from scratch. I may have found another calling here, as the more I delve into local history, the more facinating information I am discovering. Warwickshire really is an amazing place with some real hidden treasures.

I have some interesting plans to sell the final DVD directly to the public which I hope in turn will go towards funding my next movie. Some of these are a bit 'off the wall', but if it works, who knows where it will lead - We'll know for sure by Christmas. I am finding it a tricky balance though between work and family etc.

Still haven't had any news on the offer we made for that actor I mentioned for Kaleidoscope Man. Will let you know what happens here.