Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Markets Are Booked!

Well, there's no turning back now as I have just booked up to sell the DVD of my new film, Discover Warwickshire, at none less than 15 Christmas markets around the county. I will be combining this with a massive local press campaign, which hopefully will send people to my market stall or to the website (www.discoverwarwickshire.com). If this works and I can sell plenty of copies - filming of "Final Reel" begins in the new year!

The selling starts on November 26th and to say I am behind with the editing is an understatement!

The film covers 18 towns and villages throughout Warwickshire, and includes other areas of interest, mansion houses and historical venues. Each has had to be shot and fully researched. Then I have interviewed lots of people from Town Centre Managers to Local Artists to Historians. The film is looking wonderful, but to hit the deadlines (and do any freelance work that rolls in), I'm up an 5.30am and working late nights.

As this is a documentary, I am also writing the voice over and recording my own voice as a guide track until I have locked the script. Once this is done, I have a wonderful Voice Over Artist called, Paul Seed, who will perform it for real. He's got a fabulous voice (you can here him on the trailer).

Its a fascinating process building a script around the interviews and material I've shot. And I can't tell you how satisfying I am finding this. I think the people of Warwickshire are in for a real treat!

But enough chit chat - I've got some serious editing to get on with!