Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Written in Blood - On Sale NOW

A lot of people have asked me how they can get a copy of my first feature film, Written in Blood. Up until now, I've only ever sold it at the various Memorabilia shows I've attended around the country. So I'm delighted to be able to sell it today...

Who's in it?

Grant Masters, Sharon Small, Gary Beadle, Francis Magee, Doug Bradley, Patrick Robinson & Ben Shockley.

The story

A century ago a series of horrific murders rocked the city. Now, as the end of the millennium approaches, a copycat killer stalks seven victims, praying on the unwary - repaying a pact with the devil which will plunge the world into chaos.

Martin Harris, a best selling horror fiction writer, stands between the forces of damnation and hope for redemption. A man who suspects that his own dark fantasies have conjured the spirit of ancient evil back to renewed life, and deep below the city he learns to his horror, that death is not the end... Written in Blood is a modern film-noir thriller with the accent of mystery and suspense, Alpha Star Films presents a roller coaster ride into a dark world of paranoia and suspicion, in which the supernatural intrudes into a world spiraling towards the end of the century and into the encroaching darkness.

Duration 96 Minutes

Special Features

1.Commentary by Simon Cox

2. An interview with Simon Cox commissioned by The Horror Channel.

3. Deleted Scenes

4. 2 Short psychological Thrillers by Simon Cox

5. The Original Pilot used to get the funding.

6. Every copy is signed by the Director

7. When you have watched the film, fill in the form inside it, send it back and we'll invite you to be an extra in Kaleidoscope Man (when we finally get the film funded)

Is Written in Blood any good?

Well, its tense and chilling and I think its great, I really do, but, I did receive this email recently from a girl who bought a copy at Memorabilia:

“We have watched written in blood, it was amazing!!!. Fantastic script and wicked shots I was gripped. Cant wait until the new film is out.”

Every copy sold will go towards getting K-Man off the ground.

Please see below the trailer. Click on the BUY NOW button to order a copy. Only £10.70 inc P+P. DVD's will be sent by return. Please note: This is only available in PAL, sadly, not NTSC at present.